Works In Progress

Rivera – Campaign Setting(s)

A Campaign Setting for Pathfinder 1st Edition & Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Written in conjunction with Cerulean Siren Games along with international co-authors Cory Thompson and Randy Konen. This passion project has been on-going for a few years and is still in the fledgling state of development.


Raven Witch – Book 1

YA High Fantasy duology.

“Politics. Intrigue. Romance. Three things Merla never expected.

When she and her mentor answer a summons to serve the royal family, they never imagined the web of deceit that would draw them in. Among a dozen healers ordered to cure a strange ailment, it pits them against time to stop the disease from claiming its first victim. With the threat of death looming over them, Merla and her newfound allies must tread carefully as they try to uncover a traitor’s identity. All the while, Merla can’t understand why everyone seems fixated on her presence.

But before all that, she will have to learn to navigate the delicate politics of the Nobles’ Court. Preferably before she insults another Duke.”


Avalyn – Book 1

MG High Fantasy Series.

“Chael Breton has spent her entire life working as a mere servant within the safety of the Lightbridge Monastery. So when her home is destroyed by a demon seeking to kill her, Chael can’t believe that she’s actually the lost princess of Avalyn!

Armed only with an old sword and her fromer mentor’s guidance, Chael must search for missing Focus Crystal Artifacts in order to claim her heritage and free the kingdom from the tyrant king that plagues it.

But first she must fulfill a decade-old promise to the Fair Folk — or she risks losing the only family she’s ever known.