Pathfinder Christmas Campaign

I was very disappointed to find that there are nearly no Christmas themed modules for DnD or Pathfinder. I only found short single encounter ones which, while they were neat, didn't fulfill the sense of a 'campaign'. Thusly, I decided to create a Christmas themed Campaign in which the team of gnome PCs must save... Continue Reading →

RPG Update: May 12, 2015

I've been slowly progressing through programming and development of the RPG I'm creating with RPG Maker VX Ace. I have to balance a lot of things in life, and various projects, so it's quite slow going and I don't yet have an estimated finish date. However, my friends are awesome and donating characters for NPCs... Continue Reading →

Seasons of the Wolf

I have currently been Beta testing Winter Wolves' in-production game, Seasons of the Wolf (which is available for Beta testing and pre-order at the link). The game takes part in the same world as Loren: Amazon Princess -- and, as far as I can tell, somewhere before/during the events of the previous game. Understand that... Continue Reading →

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