Book Covers

I sold two of my cover designs today; I'm quite excited. Here's the covers after the adjustments were made: On a side note, I've been designing some new covers to sell on . Here's a preview of the newest one:

30 Days of Beauty – Day 1

Due to technical difficulties, the video explaining the project in further detail will be posted tomorrow. This will outline my reasons for the project, and the routine I will be following throughout the month. I handmade all jewelry displayed in this photo -- the head piece uses real peacock feathers.    

30 Days of Beauty?

This is my upcoming Modeling / Beauty Project for the fall. I will be doing a lot of modeling work, digital photoshop work, and testing to compare beauty products over this time. More details to come soon! Modeling Portfolio / Modeling Fan Page / DeviantArt

VIMP Mini-Meet @ Parliament

Sept. 13, 2o12 - members of VIMP (Vancouver Island Models and Photographers) gained a permit and worked on a huge shoot at the Parliament building in Victoria, BC (not to be confused with the main Parliament in Ontario). It was a huge turnout, and great fun working with old friends and meeting new ones. Photos... Continue Reading →

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