Book Covers

I sold two of my cover designs today; I'm quite excited. Here's the covers after the adjustments were made: On a side note, I've been designing some new covers to sell on . Here's a preview of the newest one:

Premade Covers for Sale

I've now been designing one-of-a-kind, royalty-free premade ebook covers, for personal or commercial use. They are being sold in my Etsy Shop. Once purchased, a cover will never be sold again! Prices vary based upon cost of purchasing stock + amount of time and effort spent creating the cover. Ranges from 19-69$.

30 Days of Beauty – Update #2

I currently have 28 of the 30 days make-up styles already planned ahead of time. :) I spent a lot of time yesterday shopping and looking out for inspiration everywhere. I still have to stock up on some make up, but otherwise I'm almost set. Secret Confession Photography is still in transition of setting up... Continue Reading →

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