Pathfinder Race: Faen Conversion

When I played Arcana Evolved, I adored a race called the Faen. They're somewhat like a cross between and elf and a halfling. They genuinely believe they are the recipients of divine revelation and are constantly 'discovering' new Gods -- as a player mechanic, this has been a hilariously fun roleplaying experience. Eventually, they have... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder Class: Dragon Shaman Conversion

The Dragon Shaman was an amazing class in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 However, that sense of power and awe didn't translate well over to Pathfinder, where the Dragon Shaman is an under-powered archetype. Solution? Conversion! I have taken the original Dragon Shaman from 3.5 and converted it over to Pathfinder terms and mechanics. Note: I... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder Christmas Campaign

I was very disappointed to find that there are nearly no Christmas themed modules for DnD or Pathfinder. I only found short single encounter ones which, while they were neat, didn't fulfill the sense of a 'campaign'. Thusly, I decided to create a Christmas themed Campaign in which the team of gnome PCs must save... Continue Reading →

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