WBJ Day 4-9 (Culture, etc.)

Culture, Civilization, Economy History, Hierarchy, Power, Governance World is approximately 5000 years old; there is only about 800 years of recorded history; present civilization culture and system in place for 500 years. Most believe in The Creator, even if they have different names for it. It is considered strange not to believe in it. Most... Continue Reading →

The Greek Muses

I was asked to if I could post a bit of Greek history, specifically about the Nine Muses - as the term 'muse' is still used today to represent a person, place or thing that inspires us. Not only are the Muses explicitly used in modern English to refer to an artistic inspiration, as when... Continue Reading →


The Great Dionysia Festival Using fluid tableaus to recreate the events during the festival, via improv through a cold read; read a piece of Greek literature to analyze it's message and find key points to be presented and discussed in next class. Analysis: Used in culture and communities -- elections, Olympics, religious practices, etc. Theatre,... Continue Reading →

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