Book Covers

I sold two of my cover designs today; I'm quite excited. Here's the covers after the adjustments were made: On a side note, I've been designing some new covers to sell on . Here's a preview of the newest one:

Seasons of the Wolf

I have currently been Beta testing Winter Wolves' in-production game, Seasons of the Wolf (which is available for Beta testing and pre-order at the link). The game takes part in the same world as Loren: Amazon Princess -- and, as far as I can tell, somewhere before/during the events of the previous game. Understand that... Continue Reading →

First Vacation – Day 1

With my temporary roommates finally moved out, I actually had the space to pack (last minute, mind you). I realized halfway through packing that it was a very amusing sight to see the difference of Jayson's suitcase next to mine (being half the size of mine). My essentials were along the lines of clothing for... Continue Reading →

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