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October NaNoWriMo Prep Month 2019

With November fast approaching, writers are getting their mindsets into gear for Preptober (as some call it): that month where we all say goodbye to our loved ones and locked ourselves away with our writing implement of choice and try to hammer out a novel in 30 days while slowly losing grip on our sanity!… Continue reading October NaNoWriMo Prep Month 2019

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World Building Questions

Kingdom Basics POPULATION: MAGIC: IMPORT/EXPORT: CURRENCY: TECHNOLOGY: *Other:   Physical and Historical Features General MOST NOTABLE LOCATIONS: Location: Description MOST NOTABLE CREATURES: — Name: Description Natural Resources TYPE: Description (ex. Mining, Farming, Agriculture, etc.)   III. People and Customs Gestures GREETING: INSULT: DISTANCE: RESPECT: Language LANGUAGE: Ethics and Values WORDING: RELATIONSHIPS: DRUGS: DUELS: FOREIGNERS: TABOO:… Continue reading World Building Questions