Promise to Myself

January 29, 2016 I promise to tell myself good things and cherish all my positive qualities in order to nurture a long term, positive outlook on myself and life.   January 30, 2016 I promise to tell myself positive thing and to be kinder to myself every day -- to not pick at my flaws... Continue Reading →

February 7, 2015

Day Seven: One Story You Want To Tell The soap opera story that is my life, in relation to my abusive relationships and the onset of my bipolar disorder - the struggles it has caused in my life, and my resilience to overcome them

February 5, 2015

Day Five: Three Things You Miss My sister, niece and nephew back in Whitehorse (and my lil broski) Being able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight The way my brain worked before developing bipolar

February 4, 2015

Day Four: Four Confessions I detest myself because of my bipolar symptoms Despite this, I have a very healthy mind set about life, love, and the struggles I go through I'm terrified of being alone, literally and figuratively I suffer from mild symptoms of agoraphobia

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