My Nicknames

Mere/Mera - the pet name my mom calls me ^__^;; Neko/Chii - the nickname known from the beginning of high school; my friends and I were (and still are) huge anime fans - we sketched out our own manga comic strips, and turned ourselves into characters. Rihanna became Kitsune Rika, Maria became Usagi Kate, and... Continue Reading →

My fear of Death

The biggest pain I've dealt with in life has been the loss of loved ones. My 'big sis' died when I was 7. My grandmother died when I was 13. My bestfriend died when I was 14. Now, my greatest fear, is losing any more family or loved ones. Specifically my boyfriend - he likes... Continue Reading →

My advice

from my ex-fiancee Good Advice Plan around the places, not the people. (Plan for yourself alone, because people are the most fickle creatures in existence.)

Why I gave up on "twilight"

"She's so twi-hard, it's painful." Let me just first say this: Ow, my brain. I've been coached by some of the best published writers I've met, and everything they've taught me along with my own common sense says "Bad form, bad form!" every couple chapters of this series. 1 - once you have determined a... Continue Reading →

I Grew Up, and I'm Still Growing

When I was able to let go of the past. When you're in the young adult stage, every year makes an enormous difference on your experiences and maturity level. Constantly looking back, every year I realize the progress I've made in leaps and bounds. Through the bad, life appeared to slow to a crawl; through... Continue Reading →

My road-trip mix tape

Drugs, Sex, and Rock n Roll Telephone by Lady Gaga Lady Gaga's music is upbeat, with a great bass to move to. When I'm on the road, I want music that moves as fast as I do. So What by Pink Great rythm, memorable lyrics, and attitude. Attitude is important when you're showing off confidence... Continue Reading →

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